tNear the famous Mont Ventoux closed to the fabulous ancient city of Orange, the estate spreads its biggest parcel under the aegis of the family’s house.


In 1982, Serge Chastan, a traditional man of the earth, founded is estate Lou Fréjau ( pronounced Lou Freyjao) : the round pebble.
A name drawn from the songs of Provence and inspired by the polished stones that are strewn across the soil of his wines.
His wife Christiane joins him in 2003. Together they pursue wine grower traditional missing knowledge of wine growing and oenology sciences, in a complete respect of the region and environment. Since 2010, Lou Fréjau estate is in bio conversion.      


Tradition is indeed the key word at Lou Fréjau estate.


After five generations, what a happiness to continue with theirs two children: Julien and Sandrine. 2008 is the first harvest with all the members of the family.


Listen to the cicadas and the mistral which sing for you a welcome song…


Against the walls of the imposing estate, simply built, the secret of many pleasures is well retained. The impressive building protects the place where everything is a stake.


Who dares to cross the doorstep…


By bus or by car, alone, in couple or in groups, the visit of the cellar, the wine tasting, everything takes place in conviviality.
Please feel free to appreciate the pleasures of a good wine even if you are not a particular lover. Have a nice discovery …. you will then go back home delighted.


A palette of flavours will carry you in the plains of Provence: red and white Châteaneuf-du-Pape, red Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, red, rosé, and white Côtes-du-Rhône, red wine of France.


"Make our wine glide on your table as a ray of sunshine and run in your glasses as a torrent of joy !"