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The Lou Frejau wine estate is located south of the ancient city of Orange, in the heart of the Châteauneuf Du Pape vineyards, under the eye of the giant of Provence, the Mont Ventoux. Nestled in the centre of southern Provence, you willfind a typical postcard view of the southern Rhone Valley with its fields of vines, olive trees and the smell of the ‘garrigue’ (Mediterranean scrubland).

In fact, our passion for wine and vines goes back much further…

My father is the son and grandson of ‘paysans’ as we call them in our region! My mother is not to be outdone either, as her grandfather, an Italian immigrant in the middle of the 1940s, also comes from the world of wine when he came directly to the Châteauneuvois vineyard. With this wonderful heritage and generations of passionate winegrowers, I too guarantee to have a future ingrained with these traditions.

From this, came the birth of the DOMAINE LOU FREJAU.

Our doors are open to all to visit our vineyard and to discover our natural wines made according to our family traditions. We offer wine tastings and also guided tours to share a fun moment together.

Wine consoles the sad, rejuvenates the old,
inspires the young and relieves the depressed
Lord Byron

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Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm
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S.C.E.A. Domaine Lou Fréjau
1858 Chemin de la Gironde – 84100 Orange


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